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Run your service business from one place with one affordable app. Keep your costs low, simplify your life, and get up and running in minutes. No coding or design experience needed.

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Start with an eCommerce Platform for Selling Services

Azingo helps you build lasting relationships with your clients, scale your business and make more money.

Schedule Meetings Easily

Let prospects and returning clients book your time in seconds with a visual calendar. You can also use this to schedule classes, coaching sessions, and more.
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Sell Services However You Want

Set up your pricing plan however you want. Set it for service packages, digital products, subscriptions, hourly billing, lessons, or any kind of mix.
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Invoice Clients Seamlessly

Bill clients right from inside Azingo. We don’t take transaction fees either. Keep your hard-earned money in your wallet, where it belongs.
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Self -Service Client Space

Keep all of your client notes, invoices, deliverables, and files in one place. Your clients get individual portals to log in and access whatever you provide for them.
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Replace Multiple Tools with Azingo

One price for everything you need to run your service business.


✓ No transaction fees from Azingo
✓ Offer unlimited services
✓ Get 5 team account by default
($5/month for each additional)
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Whats Included

Website + hosting
Calendar + bookings
Integrated invoicing
Self-serve client hubs
CRM + file storage    
Built-in analytics

Built for Your Kind of Service Business

Instructors and Tutors

Use Azingo to book remote or in-person lessons. These can be 1:1 or sessions with a class limit that you set, or any mix of those.

Hold video meetings and record them for students to review later in their personalized client portal, where you can also drop assignments and teaching materials .

Freelancers and Consultants

Set up your professional website in minutes.  Then use Azingo’s self-serve calendar and booking tool to set discovery calls, sales meetings, and client touchpoints.

Create a personalized space for each client to add their onboarding materials and to fetch your deliverables, as well as invoices.


Get instant access to the small business coaching software you need to recruit, coach, support, and bill your clients, along with your new website.

Let clients book instantly with Azingo’s calendar (set to your availability), and record your sessions so that you and/or your clients can review those insights later in their personalized portal.

Trades and Contractors

Give clients an instant look at your availability, your hourly rate, or even service packages. Keep notes on client conversations and store photos of worksites, uploaded right from your phone.

You can even upload before-and-after photos of your work in a personalized client area, along with client invoices that they can retrieve at any time. Bring all of this with you to each work site with the Azingo phone app, too.

Beauty and Wellness 

Get your website running and set your calendar availability for clients to book time at their own pace.

Set your own schedule rules, like 15-minute breaks between appointments, and keep client notes from those sessions in your new CRM.

You can also keep client invoices in a personalized portal for each client to retrieve on their own time.


Get a built-in service business setup to monetize the consulting and coaching opportunities that come to you as you grow your audience.

Let followers and affiliate partners book time with you through Azingo’s self-serve calendar, and record your video meetings that you can turn into bite-sized video content later for your social channels.

Built for Your Kind of Service Business

Trades & Contractors

Freelancers & Consultants

Coaches & Trainers

Beauty & Wellness

Instructors & Tutors


“We searched for a long time for something that would handle it all for us. We even considered having something custom built. Azingo helped us get our services to market right away.”

- Ross & Dave, Homebert


Is Azingo secure?

Yes, because we take security seriously. The Azingo platform features all the most modern security, which means all of your files and your client information stays safe at all times.

Does Azingo have a processing fee?

No. We believe that your money should live in your wallet. However, Azingo does partner with Stripe for processing payments, and Stripe takes the industry-standard rate of 2.9% + 30 cents.

Do you have any other pricing plans?

Right now we’re offering one pricing plan with all of our features available at the outset, because we think you’re pretty great.

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