Boost Your Sales with Subscription Services

• predictable monthly revenue
• increased customer loyalty
• online scheduling and payment
• Get up and running minutes

Boost Your Sales with Subscription Services

• predictable monthly revenue
• increased customer loyalty
• online scheduling and payment
• Get up and running minutes

What recurring service will you add?

• eaves cleaning
• snow shovelling
• home handyman
• garage cleaning
• yard cleanup
• put garbage out
• junk removal
• water system check
• tree trimming
• carpet shampoo

• dog walking
• Pet sitting
• travel home check
• network tuning
• window cleaning
• plant watering
• vehicle washing
• tire rotation
• vehicle detailing
• carpet shampoo
• pool cleaning
• snow removal
• closet organization
• home cleaning
• dog poo removal
• garden weeding
• power washing
• lawn mowing
• electronics cleaning

You define your service, how you will bill for it, Azingo takes care of the rest

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Why Azingo?

Grow your revenue, delight your customers and simplify your business by offering subscription services that your customers schedule and pay for online

Increase Your Revenue

Wave goodbye to the days of one-time purchases and say hello to recurring customers!

Build a stable source of income with existing customers, minimizing time spent marketing and selling, freeing more time for servicing your customers.

Create Loyal Customers

Customers are the heart of your business, and providing recurring services will help you create lasting relationships and loyalty that keeps them coming back.

Subscription plans make it easy to reward your customers and provide them with exclusive benefits, leading to more referrals and positive reviews.

Automate Scheduling, billing and payment

The Azingo platform automates your business operations like scheduling appointments, managing calendars, billing customers and collecting payment.

Your customers manage their account via an online portal saving you time and effort.

A recurring business system in a box

Azingo provides everything you need to run a successful services business, from scheduling and billing to customer management.

Customizable service billing and payment Plans

Create service pricing plans that cater to your business and customers' needs. You can offer different pricing packages based how the service is delivered, time to deliver the service, frequency of the need for service and price it to suit your business model and preferences of your customers.
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Scheduling and Calendar Management

Allow your customers to schedule appointments easily online with a visual calendar. You set your availability and determine whether appointments are automatically accepted your you will approve them. The calendars of you and your team are always up to date. Never miss an appointment or double book again.
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Automated billing and payment

Provide your customers with flexible billing options, such as one-time, hourly packages, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. Payments are handled online enabling your customers to choose a payment plan and setup payment at the same time.
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Easy Customer Management

Manage your customer accounts including their subscriptions and transaction activity, with ease on your mobile phone. You can view and edit customer details, track payments, and send automated reminders to ensure customer satisfaction.
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We understand that you have a lot on your plate, and that's why we make it easy to set up and manage your services business.

Run your business from one App

One super simple, easy-to-use web store builder lets you launch an online presence in minutes, create and sell your own unique services, and accept bookings and payments instantly.

Your Service, Anywhere, Anyhow

You and your business are unique. Azingo make it easy for you to offer your services your way. Whether it is online or in-person, in-real time or on-demand - your options are limitless.

There for you every step of the way

Our team of experts is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you get the most out of the platform. With Azingo, you have the tools and support you need to grow your business with confidence.

“We searched for a long time for something that would handle it all for us. We even considered having something custom built. Azingo helped us get our services to market right away.”

- Ross & Dave, Homebert


What is Azingo and how does it work?

Azingo is an all-in-one platform that helps service businesses to start, grow and manage their operations online, Just like eCommerce platforms made it easy for retailers to sell online.  

Using Azingo is easy! Simply register here and then download the Azingo App from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore, to manage your service business on-the-go.

The app helps you manage your services, schedule, team, and even creates a website for your customers to find and book your services. Azingo is designed specifically to help service businesses manage and grow their business online.  

Why can’t I use a regular e-commerce Platform for my business?

While e-commerce platforms are great for selling physical products, they are not specifically designed to manage the complexities of service businesses.  

Services have unique characteristics that require a different approach, such as managing schedules, booking appointments, and assigning team members to perform the service.  

E-commerce platforms do not have these features built-in, forcing you to compromise on important capabilities or invest time and money engineering and maintaining the features you need.  

Azingo is purpose-built for service businesses and offers a comprehensive solution to manage and grow your business.

Is Azingo a Marketplace?

Azingo is not a marketplace.  

It's a services specific platform to manage  your business online.

Unlike marketplaces, Azingo lets you own your brand and control your pricing without worrying about competitors listings appearing next to yours.  

Will my clients need to download an app?

No - Your customers view and purchase your services via your website.  

They can also manage their account via a self-service portal , where they can access all the information related to their account, including schedules, service offerings, invoices, deliverables, and files.  

Azingo understands that self-service is crucial for customers, and the platform is designed to provide an easy and convenient experience for both you and your clients.

How will I get paid?

With Azingo's integrated payment platform, you can accept payments quickly and securely. It supports all major credit cards and digital wallets, making transactions hassle-free.  

This feature lets you focus on delivering exceptional work without worrying about payment processing.

What kind of subscription services can I create?

You can create a wide range of subscription-based services. Think of things that you currently do that a customer may need you to do for them more than once a year.

You can also create new services similar to or related to services you currently provide. Think of maintenance, safety, configuration tuning or updates on things that you currently provide services for.

Here are some examples: Home automation changes and configuration, Electrical safety check, water drain systems cleaning, garage cleaning and garbage disposal, pet sitting, eaves clearing, window cleaning, yard cleanup, snow removal, and many many more.

Can my services be delivered in person or online?

Yes, you and your business are unique.

Azingo makes it easy for you to deliver your services the way you need and in the location that makes sense. Whether at your location, the customers', via online conferencing or streaming, Azingo has you covered.

Does Azingo provide support?

We're technology and service experts with loads of experience in traditional and recurring revenue business models.

We at Azingo, will support you every step of the way, without being on your payroll.

How much does Azingo Cost?

You can get started using Azingo for free by signing up for the Trial.  

After the trial period, Azingo's pricing starts at just $19.99 per month for up to 5 users.  

Please note that credit card companies charge their usual fees, but Azingo does not  charge any transaction fees on your revenue.

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