April 13, 2023
My Lake House: A Story of Boating, Hospitality, and Side Hustles

My Lake House: A Story of Boating, Hospitality, and Side Hustles

I have a Lake House or cabin on a beautiful lake in Northern Ontario, we call it a cottage. It's surrounded by gorgeous scenery, including lots of lakes, forests, and charming small towns. We're lucky to have so many areas like mine in North America, and I think this side hustle would be in demand from coast to coast.

When I first got my Lake House 27 years ago, we parked the car for the weekend and relied on the boat to get around. It was both convenient and fun to use the boat for activities like grocery shopping, golfing, visiting friends, and even going to restaurants for lunch and dinner. However, it's important to never drink and drive, whether you're in a car or a boat. To be safe, we always made sure someone was the designated driver, and since I loved driving the boat, I was usually the one who didn't drink.

One year, I planned a big birthday party for my wife at a resort on our lake. I chose the menu and the wine list, and I really wanted to enjoy the wine I picked without having to drive. So I asked a 19-year-old kid named Mike who was pumping gas at the marina if he wanted a job driving my boat that night. He said yes and did a great job, so we started using him regularly. Mike turned this idea into a great little business that he marketed to everyone who bought gas at the marine.  

Mike's service became so popular that he was hard to book sometimes. Plus, it took a long time to track him down and confirm bookings, and I had to drive an hour to get cash for him if I forgot to bring it from the city.  

Reflecting on this, I think what an amazing side hustle this would be today. With the Azingo platform, it's easy to do bookings ahead of time, and drivers can allow double and triple bookings if they have friends who can also drive boats. Azingo can also handle payments, so customers don’t have to waste time heading to the bank machine.

Mike went to college the next year, so we lost touch. But a few years later, I got a glossy brochure from Mike saying he had opened his full-service marina not far from my cottage. He was reaching out to everyone he had driven in the past, and now he's really successful.

If you're looking for a side hustle this summer, this could be a great option. It's easy to start and doesn't require much investment. Let Azingo help you start and grow your side hustle into your dream job today.  

- Gus


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