February 3, 2024
Boost Your BBQ Business by Recommending these 7 Great Product Categories in 2024

Boost Your BBQ Business by Recommending these 7 Great Product Categories in 2024

If you’re in the BBQ industry, especially in cleaning or maintenance, you already play a big role in enhancing your clients’ BBQ experiences. Offering product recommendations not only adds value to your services but also strengthens your relationships with clients, encouraging repeat business. It shows you care about their entire BBQ journey, not just the service you provide. Here are 7 of the top product categories you should be thinking of when looking for products to recommend to your clients:

1. Choosing the Right BBQ: Clients rely on your expertise to choose their next BBQ. Gas, Smokers, Charcoal, Kamado Style, Portable ones for camping, and even Outdoor Pizza Ovens – there’s a world of options. As you know, many of your clients want multiple BBQ’s as well. You understand the importance of longevity in these investments. Recommending a BBQ that suits their lifestyle can turn a one-time service call into a lasting client relationship.

2. Grates and Parts: While working, you might notice their BBQ’s grates are wearing out. Not all grates are the same, and you know which materials last longer and perform better. Your experience with thousands of grills means you can guide them to the best choice, enhancing their BBQ’s longevity and their trust in you.

3. Covers: A good cover can significantly extend a BBQ’s life. Your recommendation carries weight because you’ve seen firsthand which covers withstand the elements in your environment the best. This insight is invaluable to clients who look to protect their investment based on an local expert’s advice.

4. Tools and Accessories: Your clients often ask for advice on tools like gloves, tongs, and thermometers. Since you’re the go-to for such queries, why not profit from recommending your favorites? It’s an easy way to provide extra value and earn from the products your clients will love and trust because you do.

5. The Consumables: Let your clients know about the charcoals, smoker woods, sauces, and spice rubs that you and your other clients love. When you tell your clients about these favorites, they’re likely to try and love them too. Each time they buy something you suggest, you can make some money. Plus, your clients will think of you every time they BBQ, helping you build a strong bond with them and keep earning in the long run.

6. Your Own Services: Turn your skills into a regular subscription plan for routine cleanings. This means you always have work lined up and a steady paycheck, and your customers can chill, knowing their BBQ will work perfectly every time they need it. The best part? The right platform makes setting up appointments and getting paid super easy. So, you get a bunch of happy repeat customers, and they get a worry-free BBQ experience.

Leveraging our BBQ expertise to recommend products isn’t just about earning extra income; it’s about enriching your clients’ grilling experiences and building lasting relationships. By sharing your knowledge and favorites, you position yourself as an indispensable part of their BBQ journey, ensuring they turn to you for their every need.


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