We are driven by our mission to make it easier for anyone to launch and manage an online business


We are a team of technologists, SaaS and e-commerce veterans who’ve come together with a simple but lofty goal: to help service providers, many of whom have lost their income during the covid crisis, succeed in a digital world.

As the world rapidly went digital, we saw the offline service providers we rely on—chefs, music teachers, personal trainers, mixologists, yoga instructors and more —struggle to offer the best version of their services online. It was hard for them to replicate the personal magic of what they do without the human touch, and even harder for them to package their services in a way that benefited both them and their audience.

We started azingo to offer a better way for service providers to reach their audience—and their business goals—both online and in person. With a range of packages, a community of like-minded providers, and templates that grow with our customers, we offer the best way for service providers to digitize their business—and to start earning money immediately.

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